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Volunteer Opportunities

How to Volunteer

How to Volunteer

Dibs is our volunteer scheduling tool.

Using Dibs you can select volunteer spots on our website. Volunteer items are organized by session, such as a season or event, and category, such as concessions or coaching.

Dibs is located on the page labeled 'Dibs' of our website.

Claim a Dib Item from a Website

Step 1: Navigate to the Dibs page of the organization website
Step 2: Click on a Dib Session
Step 3: Click on a Dib Item
Step 4: Click Claim This Dib Item
Step 5: Enter the volunteer name, contact phone, and contact email address
Step 6: Click Claim this Dib Item

To cancel
Step 1: From within your profile, click Dibs.
Step 2: Click the Dibs Item you'd like to cancel.
Step 3: Choose Request Cancellation.
Step 4: Click Request Cancellation again to confirm.